The Glass Ceiling Index

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    Which occupations are failing women?

    The idea of equal pay for equal work has been protected in Australian law for over 40 years. Women now make up nearly half the workforce and young women today have better educational qualifications than men.

    So, how thick is the glass ceiling in Australia? Women have broken through… right?

    • On average, women earn more in only 22 out of 433 occupations in Australia (that’s only 5%).
    • Women are more likely to reach the highest paid roles in only 75 out of 433 occupations – around 15%.
    • Even in occupations that are predominatly female, women still earn $9000 (that’s 18%) less than men in the same occupation.
    • Disturbingly, the average wage gap is getting wider, growing by $3,200 between 2009 and 2013.
    We have created The Glass Ceiling Index to publicise the disadvantage Australian women experience across occupations. The index has been developed by analysing 10 million individual tax returns across 440 occupation codes. The index is based on income gap, access to high paying roles and trends over time.

    A Glass Ceiling Index of 10 inches represents maximum disadvantage; 0 inches means there is no apparent disadvantage.

    The Glass Ceiling Index was made as part of Govhack 2015 by Harry Cominos, Lewis Bailey and Robert d'Apice. The Glass Ceiling uses tax data provided by the Australian Taxation Office. Download the source data as a Tab Delimited Text File or check out the Github repository.
    A man is 6 TIMES more likely to reach a high paying role.
    Men earn $7,869 more than women.
    The income gap has closed by 45% in the last 5 years.
    89% are women.